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To My Mother, My Friend
This Globe is dedicated to My Mom who passed away on 9/5/94.She was my best friend and I miss her very much.
Dear Mama,
  The Lord above decided he needed you more then I Mom.I don't always understand why because sometimes I feel he was wrong.
   I miss your smile and the sweet smell of your perfume.I miss the eyes that could see right through me when I was telling fibs.I miss the sound of your voice even when you were scolding me.
   I was 39 when you left and felt like I was 9. I had to grow up really fast because I knew you wouldn't be there to pick up the pieces for me anymore.
   I hope I have remembered all you taught me I don't want to lose a single thing.Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts I miss you so very much.
   I know someday we'll be together again but right now the thing I miss most is the two arms that held me tight and told me things would be fine.The sweet kiss to make everything all better.
   Dear Lord that day you took a very special angel to be by your side you took my Mom.
    I love you Mama very much.

Globe By CatLadie
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