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My Family
My Heart
These are all my kids at my oldest daughter Winifred's wedding.To the left of Freddie (that's what we call her......lol) is my youngest daughter Nerissa,then Freddie,Then my son James.In front of my son is my next to the oldest daughter Carrie and in the front is my next to the youngest daughter Tyechia.
Then and now Daddy's little girl.This is my youngest, my baby (boy don't she hate it when I call her that......lol) Nerissa.
This is the Man of my dreams and the glue that keeps my family together.My best friend and the love of my life Paul.28 years and counting.
This is Tyechia at age 2.Boy they grow up so fast don't they She is 29 now.
This is my Son JB on his Graduation Day